Hello everyone, I'm Xiao Jia and I'm from Korea.

Today I'm going to talk to you about the PlusToken business app, a mobile application, which generates revenue through the digital economy, and its resulting business opportunity.

PlusToken is both, a decentralized "Digital Asset Wallet", or crypto-currency wallet, and a trading platform for crypto currencies.

The PlusToken app was developed by a Samsung team of IT specialists and released by a research and development laboratory, which is located in Seoul, South Korea.

The technical advantages of the PlusToken App are that one can store many different crypto currencies, such as BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP and others.

The users of the PlusToken App can carry out transactions in a safe, effective and quick way.

Moreover, the App has a unique and intelligent software, the „AI-Dog“. The AI-Dog rewards it's users highly efficiently with profitable returns on their own financial assets.

In order to protect those assets the PlusToken App uses a decentralized platform.

The user of the app manages his financial assets himself, and it`s only he who has access to his account, which is through his private key.

The PlusToken platform itself has no access to your passwords and cannot conduct any transactions or anything like this.

As a consequence, you should keep your private key safe, because all the account movements are only recorded in the blockchain-networkregister and not on the servers of the company.

The PlusToken App has it's own unique feature that you will love: The so-called "AI-Dog" (artificial intelligence) is an arbitrage trading robot.

It identifies, compares and uses the price differences and volumes of various crypto currencies on different trading platforms and carries out the arbitrage trade at the right moment.

The AI-Dog includes hedging (protection of the arbitrage), currency trading and quantities based trade of digital assets.

The assets entrusted to us are completely unaffected by price fluctuation.

You can send multiple currencies into the arbitrage trade. The AI-Dog will generate profits for you, which range between 6%-18% and are credited to your account daily.

So you can see the PlusToken App as an intelligent source of income.

Of course you can make your AI-Dog pause at any time. Then your profits will be transferred directly to your wallet.

In the future everyone will have a digital asset wallet, a trend that can`t be either stoppable nor can we influence it.

This is the trend of the mobile internet generation. Predictions confirm that we have reached the digital era! Time rolls forward like a huge wave and nothing can stop it!

Let´s tackle it now or should we wait until the whole world has entererd our market?

I think you see what I mean and I wish you that you can make your life dream come true with the help of the blockchain.

We await you with a digital asset wallet and dreams that you can realize with PlusToken.


Free download iOS: https://appdown.globalonline.cc/ios/share.html
Ref Nr. 634317086

Free download Android: https://appdown.globalonline.cc/android/share.html
Ref Nr. 634317086

Mail: PlusTokenUnited@gmail.com


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